Brand development
There is so much hard work that goes into running a business or making a product that it would be such a waste to not brand it properly. What is proper branding? It’s telling the story of your company or product across all forms of media and interaction with style and personality. Every time you do anything online or offline, your branding is the guide that ensures your story stays true and clear. Whether you have some existing brand elements, or need to establish a new brand, we can develop the right plan for your brand.
Web development
We are crazy about making funky and professional websites. When you hire us to build yours, we immediately start researching your field of business, your competitors, and what speaks to people in your market. From there, we play around with some layout ideas to ensure that the main thing speaks most clearly and everything else supports it. Once the framing is done, we begin crafting the look and feel of the site so that it fits you and your company’s personality. It is very rare that we need more than two or three versions to nail the design. We build all our websites in Content Management System (CMS), which enables you to manage content easily and effectively on your website any time you wish without the need for any further technical support or unnecessary charges.
Events Management
So I secretly have my dancing shoes stashed in my car at all times and a list of what to do at any event, just in case someone needs me to step in and give a helping hand. We absolutely love being surrounded by people and most of all, entertaining them. We know the effect of what a great event can do to a business relationship, how a party can bring loved ones and friends together and how jumping castles are a must at all kids parties. Planning an event/party is just another passion we love to share. Be it year end functions, corporate golf days, team building or private functions, we will handle all the planing, decor, entertainment, catering, marketing and memories.