Our Story

This is our get to know Moonink page. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that if you are here reading this page, you are new to the wild and wonderful world of Moonink. So if that’s the case, welcome to the site! It’s good to have you pop in and have a look around. If we were speaking in person we’d offer you a tasty beverage, turn down the music and find a comfortable place to sit.

Now that we’re settled in, let us tell you a little about Moonink.

We were founded in the early days of 2011 and run by the desire to do work that matters to us. We design and build stunning, easy to manage, and highly functional Content Management System (CMS) websites using WordPress and Joomla as a platform. We produce designs and marketing material that people remember and share. We create memories in forms of events to bring people together. We take the time and effort to understand your company and tell its story through the most effective means possible. We stand by our clients and take them on a journey they will never forget. How did we get started? With this simple little poem…

My blood is ink…

I’m not a meer mortal. I am a designer. My blood is ink. Creative juices rush through my veins in CMYK and RGB. I dream in halftones and shades and palettes. I visualize in shapes and forms and layouts. I think in sketches and scribbles and snapshots. I portray on paper, on screen and in person with entertainment through sight, sound, taste and smell.

I’m digital, I’m original, I’m versatile, I’m talented, I’m together.

I think first, I think again, I think ahead … I think in Ink…. Moonink!

We have been passionate about design and connecting people since the day we could doodle and say our first word, so get in touch and let’s make something amazing!